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Debris Recycling

Debris Sorting

What happens to your debris-trash after you drop it off at Berky’s Transfer?

We sort it. What we are looking for when sorting are any materials which can be reused, repurposed or recycled.

Some examples of Berky's recycling include:

  • Yard waste, such as trees and shrubs, can be ground into organic materials, such as compost or mulch.
  • Concrete and asphalt can be crushed and reused as sub-base in road building.
  • Metal can be melted and recycled
  • Dirt can be used as landfill cover or a soil conditioner for farmers.

Any materials that are considered non-recyclable are reloaded and transported to landfills. We take the task of sorting to minimize landfill waste very seriously, not only out of concern for the environment, but whereas recycling facilities will accept materials for little or no cost, a large portion of our operating expenses are incurred from the cost to reload, transport and dump at landfills.

Berky’s also utilizes clean fill locations to dispose of applicable construction and yard waste when possible. "Fill" being soil, rock, gravel, stone and unpainted brick, block or concrete. "Clean” meaning completely free of environmental contaminants. A clean fill site once topped and leveled is almost immediately suitable for redevelopment projects like parks, golf-courses or even new home construction. Diverting waste away from landfills helps reduce the demand for landfill expansions and new landfill construction. Recycling C&D materials can also lessen the need to extract and consume virgin resources, preserving nature and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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